You’ll see exactly why they’ve earned their high-brow name. Knockaround Premiums sunglasses are a progressive update to our Knockaround Classics, the frame style that put us on the map! But these unisex sunglasses come with a contemporary upgrade—think of ‘em like a fresh take on an old classic—and feature a slightly wider, more accommodating fit than their predecessors. And, like all our sunglasses, these durable frames are fitted with high-quality lenses in a ton of different colors.

What’s so great about these Knockaround sunglasses? Every pair is fitted with FDA-approved, impact resistant lenses, so they’re the perfect companion for all your adventures. Plus, just like all our shades, Premiums come with UV400 protective lenses to protect your eyes, and most color combos can be ordered with polarized lenses for extra glare reduction. For your comfort, each pair is finished with refined arms and form-fitting frames that won’t get in your way no matter how much adrenaline is pumping.

The Perfect Pair of Everyday Shades
We often tout our Premiums—and any other pair of Knocks, for that matter—as shades for adventurers, explorers, and those who don’t mind pushing triple-digit speeds. But the truth is, these Premiums are affordable and versatile enough to become your new go-to, everyday sunglasses. And with the many color combinations available, there’s a pair of Premiums for any occasion and mood. 

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Premiums | 2Kn Limited Edition

The 2Kn Premiums pack a primary-colored punch that could have come straight from an old-school comic..

Rp650,000 Rp526,500

Premiums | Carolina Blue / Smoke (Polarised)

The style that started it all. Knockaround Classics utilize a design made famous by open-road explor..

Rp450,000 Rp364,500

PREMIUMS | Cosmic Cotton Limited Edition

The Cosmic Cotton Premiums feature translucent frames that fade from a periwinkle blue to a sea foa..

Rp650,000 Rp526,500

PREMIUMS | Deep End Limited Edition

LIMITED EDITION OF 1000The Deep End Premiums are crisper than that first leap off the diving block. ..

Rp650,000 Rp526,500

Premiums | Dr Roboto - Class Act Collaboration (Polarised)

The Dr. Roboto Premiums sunglasses feature circuit board graphics on a frosted “mechanical gray” fra..

Rp650,000 Rp526,500

PREMIUMS | Frosted Grey / Red Sunset

With lenses designed to look just like a real, red sunset, and grey frames that heighten the cool f..

Rp450,000 Rp364,500

PREMIUMS | Glossy Black and Red Ice / Red Sunset

Make a statement with these unique Knockaround Premiums in a bold black and red motif. The tim..

Rp450,000 Rp364,500

PREMIUMS | Magenta Monochrome

What’s so bad about seeing the world through rose-colored glasses? Or, in this case, magenta colore..

Rp450,000 Rp364,500

PREMIUMS | Namaste Limited Edition

The Namaste Premiums are full of Knockaround’s love for good vibes and living your truth. The trans..

Rp650,000 Rp526,500

PREMIUMS | Navy Blue / Smoke

Stylish yet timeless, the navy blue and smoke Knockaround Premiums are some of our most popular nav..

Rp450,000 Rp364,500

PREMIUMS | Neon Summer

These radical 80’s throwback shades are totally righteous, man. Pink and yellow neon frames bring t..

Rp450,000 Rp364,500

PREMIUMS | Park Avenue

Thinking pink? We certainly were when we designed these colorful sunglasses with bright pink Park A..

Rp450,000 Rp364,500

PREMIUMS | Pool Blue / Sunset

One of our most popular designs, Knockaround Premiums are a progressive update to the Classics fram..

Rp450,000 Rp364,500

PREMIUMS | Second wind Limited Edition

The Second Wind Premiums are the first pair of Knockarounds to offer embedded, NON-SLIP, rubber nos..

Rp650,000 Rp526,500

PREMIUMS | Smoke on the Water

*Insert guitar riff here*―Get a look at these bad boys. The Smoke on the Water Premiums were d..

Rp450,000 Rp364,500

PREMIUMS | Solid Matte Graphite / Green Moonshine

Despite their classic, go-with anything shape, these Knockaround Premiums are amazingly modern.It’s..


PREMIUMS | The Pink Daisy Limited Edition

The Pink Daisy Premiums sunglasses feature two pink daisy blossoms on a deep sky blue front with gr..

Rp650,000 Rp526,500

Premiums | Wingtip Blues (Polarised)

Keep your cool no matter where life takes you with a pair of Knockaround Wingtip Blues sunglasses. T..

Rp450,000 Rp364,500

PREMIUMS| Dusk on The Water

There’s always a moment before the sun dips down below the horizon when the light scatters off the ..

Rp450,000 Rp364,500

SPORT PREMIUMS | Aquamarine / Fuchsia

If you need a pair of affordable and stylish sunglasses that are perfect for your next run (or any ..

Rp480,000 Rp388,800