Unived is a first generation company, founded in late 2010. Through original in-house R&D, Unived has pioneered the Vegan Plant-Based sports nutrition & general wellness category in India. Today, we are the leading brand in the country with a wide range of products that broadly cover all the areas of health & wellness, from plant-based vitamins & minerals to cutting edge sports nutrition for elite endurance athletes. Our general wellness products have made a great impact to the wellness industry as we have brought in many new & unique products, such as, plant-based Vitamin D3, algae based Omega-3 & Calcium, organic plant-based vitamins & minerals, and lots more. Our sports nutrition products have revolutionised the space in India. We are the first company in the country to introduce Pea Protein Isolate, a scientific system of pre-during-post nutrition for endurance athletes, energy gels, ultra-butter, and many other original concepts & formulations. Unived has begun 2018 by making an entry into US markets. The company is based in Bombay, India. Unived is a 100% Vegan business.

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Unived Elite Gel 190 Cal

Unived is excited to present our Elite line of Endurance Fuel, revolutionary formulations, a first o..


Unived Gel 110 Cal

The Unived Gel is a sports energy gel that provides the energy and endurance support that you need..