Fuel Your Endurance Lifestyles

Real nutrition from real food. Get your energy and electrolytes for your next endurance adventure

Our Origins :
Born from the nature-loving trail runner community in Vietnam in 2020, our founder Markus and a few other runners felt the need for nutrition that tasted natural and delicious. Our team spent a year searching for the best Vietnamese ingredients to create flavors that are unique, yet familiar to Asian culture.  Additionally, the use of single-use plastic packaging is unacceptable to us, so we tested the most environmentally friendly materials that fit our vision: 

Aim to do good for both people and the planet!

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LECKA - Energy Bar - Banana Cinnamon

Enjoy the sweetness of banana mixed with the rich flavor of Vietnamese cinnamon. For crunch, we adde..


LECKA - Energy Bar - Cacao Banana

A top combination! Delicious Southern black cocoa blends with chewy dried bananas - with a bit of cr..


LECKA - Energy Bar - Mango Coconut

Lecka's long-time best-selling and original flavor energy bar. Feel the sweetness of mango combined ..


LECKA - Energy Bar - Tropical Fruits

This energy bar contains the best tropical fruits from Vietnam such as pineapple and banana. With wo..